Our experience with Canine Tutors and Ashley Starling:

Our experience with Canine Tutors and Ashley Starling:

When it comes to our little household, our two dogs couldn’t be more
different. Cecil is a ball of energy, and Gretta is a total TV junkie
(her favorite is teletubbies).

Working with Ashley helped us make our household a much happier, saner,
livable place. When we first contacted Ashley it was in a last ditch
effort to get Cecil to be good. We had been through other trainers who
had made our problems with Cecil worse.

When Ashley arrived we explained that Cecil was always up, and running
around. Cecil seemed to spend most of her day prowling the house and
barking. She barked at bicyclists who rode past our front window, at
children walking to and from school, at sunshine, at squirrels. She was
impossibly afraid of the world. On walks she would bark endlessly at
anything coming near us, to our great embarrassment, and the occasional
terror of neighborhood children and dogs. Over the course of the next
couple of months Ashley patiently worked with us (and Cecil) to get her
on the right track. We started with easy stuff first, getting Cecil to
sit on a box. As the tasks got harder, and Cecil had to concentrate
more, we found ourselves spending more productive time with Cecil, and
less time hoping she got laryngitis. Ashely helped us address her
barking. Now when she barks and we tell her to stop, she does. When we
call her, she comes (which also means that we can take her a lot of
places we couldn’t before). Walks, which used to be unmanageable
debacles for a person walking both of our dogs alone, is now a pleasant
event that lasts longer and is more fun for everyone. We all live
together a lot better now, and best of all Cecil is a much happier dog
for her training and our improved ability to communicate.

On the other hand there is Gretta, who is sweet and loving and just as
calm as can be, most of the time. When Ashley began working with Gretta
it was with the intention of getting us ready for her to participate in
puppy therapy with the elderly. In oder to do this we had to pass a
canine good citizen test. Ashley helped us develop ways to train Gretta
to preform all of the tasks that she needed to pass the test and more.
Gretta improved in ways that we hadn’t initially anticipated. As a small
dog, she is sometimes shy (particularly of children, and some toys). She
would often be more keen to get away and hide than to listen to her
people when we ran into these things in our daily lives. It was
sometimes terrifying, and when children were around it was hard to leave
Gretta on the ground and not hold her in case she tugged free and hid
under something. With Ashley’s guidance, Gretta now comes to study group
at school and sits on her little platform for long stretches, even when
children from the on campus educational school are playing nearby.
Listening to us instead of paying attention to the rest of the world
means that Gretta will get to do a fun job, and it has made her a lot
safer when she goes places with us.

Here is some helpful information for dog lovers that are coming to the San Francisco bay area for the very first time, and are interested in our great city not only from a dog or pet standpoint, but as a vacation area as well.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
San Francisco Bay Area Portal

The San Francisco Bay Area, colloquially known as the Bay Area or The Bay, is a geographically and ethnically diverse metropolitan region that surrounds the San Francisco Bay in Northern California. It encompasses the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland, and their many suburbs. It also includes the smaller urban and rural areas of the North Bay. As of July 2006, the Bay Area is home to 7.2 million people, up half a million people since 2000, the majority coming from international locations. [1] [2] The Bay Area comprises many cities, towns, military bases, airports, and associated regional, state, and national parks sprawled over nine counties (sometimes defined as ten or eleven counties) and connected by a massive network of roads, highways, railroads, bridges, tunnels and commuter rail.
While San Jose is now the largest city in the Bay Area (having surpassed San Francisco in the 1990 census), for most of its history San Francisco was the most populous city. San Francisco remains the focal point and major cultural center in the region. The Bay Area has the highest median household and per capita income of any metropolitan area in the United States[3] and is also one of the most politically liberal areas in the nation. [4] The cost of living is also one of the highest in the nation (San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 2007).

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