‘Sadie’ Advanced Place Board Work, San Luis Obispo. California. Call for a FREE In-Home Demo Today! 805-400-8309

This is my personal dog Sadie. Here you can see we are doing some advanced place board work. Now a lot of you may ask ,What is the purpose of all that dancing around on the place board? Well its just to show control. If I can get her to do all that and more you can rest assured I can get your dog to sit, stay and come when you ask, the first time you ask—GUARANTEED!
I live in Contra Costa County, California and there are plenty of dog trainers running around and lots of them will claim to have the best training techniques of all time. Well fair enough. As a dog owner who is considering spending time and effort on dog training, not to mentioned hard earned money you should be saying to your prospective dog trainer Prove it! After all, talk is cheap

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