Placeboard Training Video–The Basics

In the video above I am showing you a very basic example of “placeboard training”. If you have ever been to the circus you have probably seen the lions and tigers on the wooden barstools. Those are placeboards. The seals are on the red balls, again placeboards. The elephants on the big drums and horses on smaller platforms. When you take an animal and elevate it even slightly it now is thinking “I don’t want to fall off, so I will just sit right here” Think for a second if you were to be put on a 2×2 platform 15 feet in the air. I doubt you would be dancing up there. When a dog gets on top of a placeboard even though it is only elevated 12 or so inches it still has the feeling of wanting to lower it’s center of gravity–sit. Now the dog is doing what we want automaticly. We don’t have to fight with the dog.

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