Dog Friendly Resaurants In San Luis Obispo,Ca.

1. Novo restaurant is located in San Luis Obispo,Ca. It sits right off the creek and is a great place to eat if you want to bring your dog. They have an outdoor patio for you and your furry buddy.  It’s super pretty and both the food and service get high ratings and reviews. Just a small tip, try to grab a table in the corner if you can. Having walls on your dogs back will keep it calmer and more under control. When you go don’t forget to bring your bait bag so you can reward your dog for good behavior. Remember every moment is a dog training moment.  Good luck and have fun. Oh, one last thing. If you have a small dog that is accustomed to laying on a mat or a pillow bring it. It might help keep your dog on “place”. Ok, go have lunch! Here is the link,

2. Another cool place to go and eat with your dog is Gus’ Grocery.

Gus’s Grocery

1638 Osos St.

San Luis Obispo,Ca. 93401


3. Breakfast Buzz

San Luis Obispo,Ca.

Breakfast Buzz serves up some great hearty breakfasts with a relaxed atmosphere where you and your pooch can relax on the patio.

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