Introducing The “Shorty Stick” A Great Dog Training Tool!

Check out my newest invention guaranteed to make training your dog easier! Now I’m sure some other genius down the line thought of something similar, great minds think alike. But look at all the potential this has.

Usually when I train I use food, but some of my clients were concerned about the volume of food treats we were using, knowing it’s better to have a skinny dog. I can see that. Most of my clients don’t have all day to throw the ball and take their dog swimming, like someone else I know. So now you can still motivate and reward your dog with a lot less food volume.

On the spatula I put peanut butter, cream cheese, velveeta, salmon or fish oil, you name it.

Use the Shorty Stick(TM) to cover distances quickly. Use it to direct your dog from one area to another, to keep your dog focused while you move about.

Great for small dogs and puppies. Cuts way down on bending and stooping. If you are elderly or have a sore back now you can reach your dog and still stay comfortable.

Lead your dog into a great comfortable “heel” with the stick. The dog is instantly rewarded when it gets into proper position.

The Possibilities are endless!

Coming soon the “Darth Maul Super Stick” It has spatula’s on both ends!

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