Dog Boarding FAQ’s

Q. I have more than one dog, can they share a run together?

A. Yes.  Our runs are very spacious and can accommodate several dogs from the same family.

Q. What if my dog doesn’t get along with other dogs?

A.  We specialize in group play, but also offer 3 yards for our less social boarders, so they can stretch their legs in private.

Q. Do you have heating/cooling in the kennels?

A.  No.  But the building is insulated and enclosed to keep out the weather.  The dogs also have blankets and dog houses in their runs.  In the hot weather, the building is shaded inside and we have misters and fans to keep the dogs cool.  We also put out swimming pools during the hot summer months.

Q.  I can’t come during your regular hours, can I come earlier/later?

A.  Our hours are very specific because if people are coming and going all day, the dogs don’t get a chance to calm down and play, they are always checking out what’s happening in the driveway.  So, unfortunately we are not very flexible on the drop-off and pick-up hours.  We are open 7 days/week though.

Q.  How do you charge?  Is it by the day, night, or 24 hours?

A.  We charge by the day.  It is like a hotel, check out is between 8am and 10am and if you don’t pick up by then, you pay for the full day, even if you don’t spend the night.

Example: Drop off Friday A.M. pick up Saturday P.M. = 2 days

Example: Drop off Friday A.M. pick up Sunday A.M. = 2 days

Example: Drop off Friday A.M. pick up Sunday P.M. = 3 days

We also offer a half day charge for 4-5 P.M. drop offs.  Still confused? Just ask for a quote when making you reservation.

Q.  How many dogs do you board?

A.  Since we have 25 runs, we can hold 25 individual dogs, but because some families have multiple dogs in the same run, we can have up to 50 dogs.

Q.  Do I need a reservation?

A.  Yes.  Most of the time we can get you in the same day.  But all major holidays we recommend at least one month in advance and two months in advance for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


1-6 Days 7-13 Days 14+ Days
1 DOG $22/DAY $20/DAY $18/DAY
2 DOGS $33/DAY $30/DAY $27/DAY
3 DOGS $39/DAY $35/DAY $31/DAY
4 DOGS $45/DAY $40/DAY $36/DAY