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Ashley Starling Of Canine Tutors Works With Couples Aggressive Australian Shepherd

Mr. and Mrs. Engeneer’s dog was so dog aggressive the only time it could leave the house was at 1 am when they were pretty sure nobody else would be out on the street. They also have a new born baby and the dog was becoming less manageable by the day. So what did we do? We got the dog out during the day with all the other dogs as well as mom and her stroller. In no time at all we had the dog happy and under control.

Dogs are willing to listen when you know how to say it. They aren’t trying to make your life hard.

Arroyo Grande Resident Tells You About Ashley Starling And Canine Tutors

Weather you live in San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande,  Shell Beach or any other of community that is encompassed by the 5 cities we can get your dog trained fast and happy! Aaron came to Canine Tutors with his pitbull because he knew that such a dog is constantly under a microscope and was looking for reliable off-leash control even around severe distractions.

 San Luis Obispo Clients Tell Their Dog Training Experience With Ashley Starling And Canine Tutors

Patty, Keri and ‘Charlie’ Live in Arroyo Grande and love to go to the village with their golden retriever. Not only can they go to the Village but they can now confidently go to downtown San Luis Obispo off-leash with confidence. The Laguna Lake dog park with all it’s trails has new possibilities as well.  Don’t just take my word for it. Listen for yourself!

More Happy Clients From Arroyo Grande Tell You About Ashley Starling And Canine Tutors

Mr. and Mrs. H came to us with their dog ‘Porter’. Now they can take their dog anyplace with complete confidence.

Dog Training Clients From San Luis Obispo Tell You Like It Is!

Casey R. went through the program and did really well! She did so well that her dog is now totally off leash. Having a trained dog means being able to take your dog any place. In San Luis Obispo County you can take your dog most places.

Got dog issues? Ashley Starling Of Canine Tutors will get you on track and successful.

Arroyo Grande Dog Training Clients Want You To Know…

Mr. and Mrs. D have a great 8 year old chocolate lab. This lab is funny because it’s energy level is super high! Even though it is 8 it still acts like a puppy. As you can see Mrs. D is tiny and the dog weighs about 70 lbs. She was getting a little tired of all the leash pulling so we cleared that up in a hurry all the while maintaining a happy attitude by the dog.

This Couple From San Luis Obispo Wanted Off-Leash Reliable Control. So They Called The Off-Leash


This couple from San Luis Obispo,Ca. owns a German Shepherd and they were looking for some reliable off-leash training so they could take their dog more places and do more things.

You can have a young dog or an old dog, big or small any dog can be trained.


Ashley Starling Of Canine Tutors Dog Training Make Another San Luis Obispo Client Happy

Does your dog go crazy barking it’s furry little head off when someone comes to the door? That’s exactly what this client’s dog was doing before they called “Canine Tutors” dog training. Now their little friend sits patiently and happily at the edge of the carpet so the owners can greet their house guests.

Arroyo Grande Couple Tells You About Ashley Starling And Canine Tutors

This was a pretty cool couple to work with. They got their dog from an adoption agency that goes to places like Thailand and picks up dogs off the street. This dogs entire life was spent digging in trash for food and sleeping who knows where. Lucky for us dogs are very adaptable to new surroundings. The biggest challenge they had was the aggression their dog showed to other dogs. In reality it wasn’t aggressive at all. It just did that because it thought it had to do that in order to eat. Once we showed the dog that other dogs weren’t a problem all that went away–FAST!

Another Happy Dog Training Client!

If you think that your dog is too dumb to learn I can tell you that’s not the case. Any dog can learn the basics to become a wonderful family pet. This dog had a habit of running out the front door any time it was open. We call it “door dashing” and it can cause a dead dog. Fixing this problem takes a few minutes to fix. Feel free to call any time for your FREE in home demo!

Think You Can’t Train A Pug? Well Think Again!

This little pug had a nasty habit of attacking anybody that would try to leave the house. Imagine you are at the front door thanking your guests for a lovely evening then like a ninja pug he strikes. Setting his little under bite jaws upon your ankle.

Dog Training Clients In Atascadero, Ca. Are Happy

These guys had a great dog. It was a flat coated retriever, border collie mix. They came to Canine Tutors because they like to go camping and bring the dog to the office. As we always say, a well trained dog goes everywhere.

Canine Tutors trains dogs of all sizes and breeds. If you’re looking for a dog trainer in Atascadero, Templeton or Paso Robles we are here for your dog training needs!

Dianne G. From Atascadero, Ca. Tells Us What She Thinks!

Whether you live in Paso Robles, Atascadero or Templeton you can be sure that Canine Tutors Dog Training can get your dog off leash and under control. So if you’re looking for a north county dog trainer you have come to the right place. Dog training is all we do.

Can We Teach Even Those Crazy Australian Shepherds? You Bet Mate!

Russ W. from Atascadero, Ca. has a great Aussie that he wanted to spend more time having fun with and less time being frustrated. Russ surfs a lot so going to the beach with his dog was mandatory. So was having the dog come every time he called. Mission Accomplished!

So Can Cute Little Fluffy Puppies Be Trained Just Like The Big Dogs?

I always tell people that own small dogs to pretend they have a labrador. We train small dogs the same as big dogs. There is no need to cut a small dog any slack just because it’s tiny. Train ’em all, big or small! Train on people, train on!

More Little Fluffballs Being Trained!

This couple had a little bijon frize that by the end of the course could run around off leash and had a reliable recall even under the most severe distractions. A good dog trainer can give any dog owner and their dog reliable dog training skills. Now they can explore all the trails of Paso Robles, the Atascadero Lake and the beaches of the central coast. Peace everybody!

Ellen Got Her Dog Off Leash, You Should Too!

This dog had a huge problem chasing squirrels. We went to a lot of public park to find our squirrel friends. Parks in Paso Robles and Templeton. In no time Ellens dog got it under control so she could sit and look at the squirrels. This dog had happy written all over it’s face. Canine Tutors offers Paso Robles dog training as well as most other places on the central coast. All right, I have more dogs to train. You got dog training questions, I got answers! Call anytime 805-400-8309

Julie from Paso Robles,Ca. and her Boston Terrier tell it like it is. What say you Julie…

Are you a dog owner in search of dog training in the San Luis Obispo, Ca area? Well if that’s you I can help! The couple below has a nice australian shepherd and a 50 acre front yard. They would let their dog out and after about 20 minutes it would come back. well now they let their puppy out and when they call their dog back, it comes! And so will yours!