Choosing A Dog Trainer

Choosing A Dog Trainer

So you got a dog. Now what? If I were you I would find a dog trainer. Stay away from the “whiperers” or the people who have “secrects the other dog trainers don’t want you to know”. When looking to get professional help ask to see the dog trainers dog. The trainer should be able to show you an obedient, confident dog that looks happy to run through it’s paces off leash around severe distractions.  You should be able to see video’s of his dog and other clients dogs a well. Let’s face it, practically any phone can throw up a video on youtube in 30 seconds. There is no excuse why he/she can’t demonstrate many  clients with well behaved dogs around distractions.

Here is another thing. Get the free lesson. It’s kinda like a test drive. You don’t have to go with me but if you are going to plunk down some hard-earned cash you need the trainer to prove he/she can deliver the goods. Talk is cheap. Also your time is worth something so don’t go with someone just because they are cheap. you don’t want to spend months doing some training technique that produces zero results.

Are they connected to other dog trainers. Check them out on facebook. Are they posting rediculous things on their wall? Do you get the sense that they are respected by other top professionals in their field. Who are their clients? Can you talk to them in private? Maybe ask their opinion of how their training went.

What is dog training anyway?